Vivo X80: Everything you need to know

 Vivo's flagship X-line has come to represent some of the best cameras in any smartphone, and that looks to hold with 2022's new Vivo X80 phones too.

The company has already unveiled the X80 and X80 Pro in China, with an even more powerful X80 Pro+ on the way later this year. Before that though, there's the phones' global launch to think about, with a date set for this May.

When will the Vivo X80 be released worldwide?

Vivo first unveiled the X80 and X80 Pro in China on 25 April. Both phones are on sale there now.

Just as importantly, Vivo launched the phones globally on 18 May, with a gradual rollout across various markets - which differs for each of the two models so far:

  • X80 will be available in Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Southeast Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines) and South Asia (Pakistan and Bangladesh).
  • X80 Pro will be available in Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Southeast Asia (Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore), Europe, Middle East (UAE, Saudi Arabia), Latin America (Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru).

In India the phones are available to pre-order now, and go officially on sale on 25 May.

Neither phone is launching in the US, and only the Pro model is making it to Europe - though as of yet we don't know which European countries will get the phone. Specific launch dates will be confirmed for individual countries in due course, so keep an eye out where you live if you're interested.

Still, that's progress after none of the Vivo X70 series made it to Europe.

There's also one more phone to consider. Vivo used the Chinese launch of the phones to tease a third in the series: the X80 Pro+. There's a little while to wait for this model though, which will launch some time in Q3 - a.k.a. July-September. Going by previous track record, it's pretty plausible that this model will remain China-only.

It's a little surprising to see the X80 series so soon - not because it doesn't fit the series usual launch cycle, but only because it comes mere weeks after the company launched the X FoldX Note, and Pad in China, all of which came in early April.

We chatted about the Vivo X80 series on an episode of our weekly podcast Fast Charge, which you can watch right here:

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